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There's only one reason why we give

The bible teaches us that God owns the world and everything in it (Psalm 24:1). This means everything we have is currently on loan from God. Our intellect, abilites, skills, energy, time, and the money those things produce...all come from the Lord and belong to the Lord. We believe God has given us these gifts to steward and be used in a way that points ourselves and others to the glory of Jesus Christ.

Giving is an act of worship (Matthew 6:21). Generous and faithful giving is our opportunity to tangibly and cheerfully express thanks for everything the Lord has done for us (2 Corinthians 9:7).


Three fast and easy ways to give

  1. Give on the weekend - The most obvious way to give is by placing your cash or check into the offering bags that are passed during our regular weekend worship services.
  2. Give from your bank - If you prefer writing checks, but frequently forget to bring a check to church, you can also contact your bank and request automatic payment be mailed directly from your account and sent to: Harvest Bible Chapel Ludlow, PO Box 519 Ludlow, MA 01056.
  3. Online giving - Coming VERY soon.